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About Shauna

It’s time. Sound the alarm. A choice between now or never. Still, your choice. Self-discovery and evolution. Tremble. Break free from fear, or face obliteration. Tremble. Expect the random, welcome it. Look deep, what does it tell you? Are you willing to cross that line?
The message has been sent.




Chūō-ku, Tokyo


Hauptbahnhof, Berlin


Chūō-ku, Osaka

'message: berlin' is a personal visual and audio reflection about fear, doubts, discomfort, self-discovery and self-belief, and ultimately the willingness to follow intuition even in moments that are full of uncertainty.



making of


In the summer of 2020, I made a few self-portraits to both experiment with conceptual photography, mostly inspired by street lights and visual languages that inspired me since I was a kid (mostly found in science fiction movies), and to deal with my discomfort of being photographed.

I also wanted to challenge myself on creating with minimal resources. I had a small pocket RGB light, a fog machine and my camera.


Times Square, NYC


Taitō, Tokyo

For 'message: berlin', I kept the challenge of using minimal gear, but now in an open environment.

It was also really important to me that the visuals had a similar atmosphere to what I had initially created with the self-portraits - in this case, my dear friend Charles Middleton joined me and took over the human character in the scenes.

For the location, the massive white wall provided us not only with a 'out of this world' effect, but also allowed me to incorporate one of the aspects that I also focus on when doing most of my street photography: the sense of scale. 

Below you can find a few unedited behind-the-scenes shots.


Chūō-ku, Osaka


Grand Central Terminal, NYC


Tribeca, NYC


Ginza, Tokyo

Thank you very much to Charlie and my fellow artists friends who provided me with great feedback during the production of this project.

Much love.